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Yara the Lifeguard

Yara the Lifeguard

Age: 31
Place of birth: Miami, Florida (USA)

This upbeat, extroverted gal always wanted to shatter the misconceptions that her specie suffered since she was a little sharkling.

It was all naturally that she oriented herself towards the profession of lifeguard as soon as she entered her adult life and could finally work to save people, putting her great swimming skills at the service of others.

Yet people remained often distrustful and afraid of her because of her shark heredity, greatly hurting her feelings, but she refused to show to anyone that it affected her in any way.

However, it seems that the public opinion greatly improved its view on sharks after her feat during a busy summer on the beaches of Miami: a tourist submarine went missing after ripping open its fuel tank upon accidentaly hitting a large reef, plunging into the abyss.

Despite several helicopters and zodiacs deployed, nobody was able to locate the small submarine containing dozens of terrified tourists and very limited amount of oxygen supplies, as it was not designed for prolonged submersions.

The stranded submarine couldn't send a distress signal either, it's personnel only possessing short-range radios. Worse, the water pressure was starting to take its toll on the small submarine's hull.

Tanny, 9yo and present in the distressed submarine testifies:
"The walls were groaning at us, it was scary! And the glass, it was starting to crack and all! And then there was this shark lady in a red swimsuit that was waving at me from the other side!

She was sticking her tongue out and making funny faces through the window! And then she gave me a big hug and a chocolate ice-cream when we got back on the beach!"

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