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The showroom: Vittoria and Valentina

The showroom: Vittoria and Valentina

Age: 34
Place of birth: Milan, Italia

Vittoria is known in her hometown to be of incredible beauty with a bubbly personality.

Kind and generous to those around her, she always thrive to spread a quality brand image for Italia, often booking some photo sessions with prestigious magazines like VanityFur or The Top 100 Furry Pin-ups.

Winner of Miss Italia 2019, 2020 and 2022, she doesn't stop at any time to propagate the culture and beauty of her country. She lives and breathes Italia!

Age: 32
Place of birth: Perugia, Italia

Childhood best friend of Vittoria, Valentina is known to have a energic albeit a bit less extroverted personality than Vittoria's.

She prefers a quiet life, aside from the cameras, unlike her friend. Although she doesn't say no to an interview or two when it's about Italian sport cars, as it is her most intense passion!

Despite already working in a high-standard showroom, presenting her favourite ultra rare cars, her true dream is to one day enter an F1 pit crew.

The smell of the asphalt and gasoline. The adreline of the race. Oil on her hands. That's what she really craves!

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