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Age: ███
Place of birth: ███████

According to the only surviving witness present during the incident, brilliant genius scientist Dr. █████████  had been allegedly exposed to a rare ████████████████████, who accidentaly managed to slip past her protective suit.


I've also read the collective report of the most brilliant minds of this era who studied her case under sworn-secrecy: they came to the conclusion that the ████████████ most likely merged with the toxins that her body was already naturally producing and violently mutated her DNA, seemingly wiping her memory in the same process.

The chemical secretions produced by Toxine's body (the newly assembled team baptised her "Toxine" for this case - report n°█████) comes in abnormal quantity and seems to possess both toxic and acidic properties with a potency never seen before.

She was ultimately deemed to dangerous to approach, as no conventional CBRN suits, military or ████████ equipements seems to be resistant enough to even enter her room without suffering high levels of premature degradation within the first minute and putting the operators health at risk.

Several agencies also worked together to conceive a special containment chamber (composed of an alloy of ████ and ██████, a brilliant idea by the way) and hide this abomination far away from the civilians. ███████████████████████████████

Several of the agents involved deplored the fact that we were merely burying the problem away instead of finding an active solution.

But sometimes I think it's best to bury your nightmare 12 kilometers below the surface in a secret facility at sub-zero temperature, especially when said nightmare can melt throught a 15 centimeters-thick glass, that is supposed to be impervious to all known acids and chemicals, before dissolving the face of Dr. ███ and Dr. ███████ before my eyes.
I will never forget those gurglings sounds.

Goodbye, old friends.

Signed on ███/███/████ by Ms. ████████, Chief of staff.
Departement of ███████, █████ and ████████████.

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