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Age: 34
Place of birth: Gideon, Black Marsh (Tamriel)

The she-Argonian known as Sweeps-Many-Tiles was born in a poor family into the remote region of Black Marsh. Her childhood was spent in the roots and the dirt, and she hated every moment of it.

As she was entering her adult life, she bought passage to the north, far away from these fields ridden with fleas and mudworms. Far away from slavery and abusive land owners.

Soon she arrived at Vvanderfell, and quickly understood that life was no better here: slavery was still around, people were begging in the streets and said streets were far from clean..

She was about to collaspe in tears and abandon herself to despair when she noticed a small paper nailed on a public annoucement board: "hiring a maid to tend to my manor, female only 18-30yo, must be good looking. Will pay handsomely.  - Lord Crestus".

She quickly gathered back her spirits and sat on a bench to ponder about her situation.
She then realised something: Argonians were quite rare in this region. She could play on the exotic factor of her race to get this position.
Also, "must be good looking". Whoever this Lord Crestus was, he was clearly looking for a woman's rump to eyeball at all day, there was no doubt about it. Another point to capitalise on.

After sleeping that night inside a stable, the cleaned herself the best she could at a river before going to the market to spend the last of her coins on a decent looking outfit before knocking at the manor's door.

The exterior sculptures alones probably costed more than the entirety of her village back here in Black Marsh, she thought to herself, impressed by the rich display of embossings and architecture.

A middle-aged man opened the door and looked at her from head to toe.
"Yes?" he asked in a curious tone.

She swallowed her saliva and said what she had been practicing all night in the stable, with the most seductive and naive voice she could come up with:
"Oh, hello Master Crestus! I am but a poor Argonian maid, looking for work!
Does your magnificent abode would require my services by the fairest of chances?"

A wide smile appeared on the man's face, looking at her from top to bottom, now twisting his moustache between his fingers:
"Yes, you fine creature. But I never expected a woman as exotic as an Argonian to knock on my door, the gods have been generous to me today it seems. What is your name my dear?"

"Sweeps-Many-Tiles, Master Crestus! But I will name myself whatever will suit your tastes if my Argonian name does not fit for my needed services!"

However, only her people back in Black Marsh would have known that Sweeps-Many-Tiles was a name that she crafted for her plan. Think of it as a more selling and professional one.
The imperial was now smiling so widely that Sweeps-Many-Tiles could see in his eyes that she just hit the mark.

He swung open the door and addressed her: "Come in, my sweet. You're starting today."

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