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Raya the Feathered Raptor

Raya the Feathered Raptor

Age: 25
Place of birth: Switzerland

Raya was a raptor born into a family of hunters.
While her siblings and peers spent their days honing their tracking and hunting skills, Raya was more interested in the world of design. She had always been fascinated by the intricate shapes and forms of the natural world and longed to create something beautiful.

Dismissing the concerns and harsh judgement of her family, who saw her interests as strange and unnecessary, she spent countless hours studying the designs of furniture, experimenting with different materials, and perfecting her craft.

Raya's determination and creativity ultimately paid off. Her furniture designs became known for their striking beauty and functionality, and she quickly became one of the most sought-after designers in the region.

Over time, Raya became one of the most sought-after furniture designers in her region, ultimately making her family proud, even if she broke decades of tradition by not becoming a hunter as they hoped.

She continued to push the boundaries of her craft, experimenting with new materials and techniques, and incorporating her own unique artistic vision into each piece she created. Despite the challenges she faced along the way, Raya never lost her passion for furniture design and remained dedicated to creating pieces that would stand the test of time and inspire others to appreciate the beauty and functionality of well-crafted furniture.

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