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Age: Unknown
Place of birth: Unknown

Very few is known about the SCP 1471 nicknamed 'Mal0'.
Ger origin is rumored to be from a mobile app called "MalO ver1.0.0".

Once SCP-1471 is downloaded on the subject's mobile phone, the SCP begins sending images through text messages every three to six hours. These images will contain SCP-1471-A in the background or foreground.

Twenty-four hours after the initial download, the mobile phone will start receiving images of SCP-1471-A in locations where the subject has often visited.

After forty-eight hours, this will escalate to images of places where the subject has recently visited.

After seventy-two hours, the mobile phone will start to receive images of the subject, with SCP-1471-A appearing behind them in the images.

Finally, after ninety hours, the subject will start to visualize SCP-1471-A in the real world, particularly in their peripheral vision or behind them in their reflection.

SCP-1471-A tries to communicate with victims of the MalO app through the use of hand signals. Communication back with it is possible, though it is not currently understood quite what it means.

In previous tests with victims of the MalO app, hand signals have appeared to be saying it does not want to hurt humans.

Perhaps she's just a lonely gal?

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