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Chelsea (strippers collection)

Chelsea (strippers collection)

Age: 20
Place of birth: Sacramento, California (USA)

Chelsea was once an overworked student barely finding time for a drink or a cinema session with her friends, when her mind would be kind enough to let her at ease for the shortest of moments.

 But after the long insistence of her friends, she finally entered the place they begged her to go with them for so long: the downtown strip club. "It will loosen you up a bit, you'll see!"

Despite never being to one before, she always despised those places in her mind, deeming the strippers and those who visited the place as low-life losers and outright gross persons.

When she entered the place, she slowly realised that many of the dancers present were far from being pornstar material, and that the public were pretty decent lads just having a good time.

What truly fascinated her however, is when her gaze landed on one of the dancer at the center of the room: a doberman, moving and dancing whitout a care in the world, having all spotlights and eyes on her.

Chelsea was in awe in front of the sheer confidence this woman was displaying, spinning around her pole, tossing her clothes aside without a single care in the world.

After faking going home and saying goodbye to her friends, Chelsea darted back to the club and spoke privately with that dancer known in the city as Roxanne.

No one really knows what was said during this moment, but it seems to have ignited quite a burning passion, as of today Chelsea is equally renowed as Roxanne's to be one of the top dancers downtown.

Who knows, if you're quite lucky (and very generous with your tips), you could be amongst the very few chosen for a private dance session with her.

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