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Billie the Punk

Billie the Punk

Age: 18
Place of birth: New York, USA

Billie simply was never one to follow the rules.
Growing up in a late-stage capitalist world with its only goal being apparently to hold her back, she would develop a rebellious personality that would never be tamed.

Everywhere she looked, pristine white collars desk employees, passersby with copied and pasted clothing styles branded as unique and original.
She gagged everytime she looked at adverts selling women beauty products showing models with spotless skin and a dead-eye stares.

It was all naturally the punk rock scene that truly embraced her individuality and gave her a sense of belonging.
The DIY ethos and rebellious vibe spoke to her, and she threw herself into the scene, going to concerts and eventually starting her own band.
Their lyrics, raw and politically charged, quickly gained them a following among the disaffected youth of the city.

Getting drunk on stage during concerts, playing saturated guitar riffs for hours until her ears rang, having sex in restrooms and spray-painting corporate buildings became her daily life.

With time, some people grew to befriend and love her, others to hate her.
But in her own words: she is simply everything that this town refuses to see.

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