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Age: 27
Place of birth: Onega, Russian Federation

"This tornado right here? That's our Lieutenant.
If I had to describe her um.. efficient, organised, perseverant. Maybe a bit crazy?
Nobody knows for sure if she's alright in there. (tapping his head)

It's no wonder that she was sent among the first to storm the frontlines in this zone. A tough gal this one, I tell ya.

Everybody around here knows her for her sonorous laugh, warm personality, strip poker parties and pronouced taste for liquors. And dont challenge her to an arm wrestle, the superiors forbade it after she kept breaking the arms of many of the personnel.

Also hey, dont touch her anywhere unless she authorised you to, if you want to keep your spine in it's natural position, alright?

(stops for a moment, drawing on his cigarette)
No matter the amount of alcohol running through her veins, she's always lucid enough to fight with deadly efficiency somehow, I never saw anything like it.

One night, I saw her chug like what, her 5th bottle in a row? And then she suddenly grabbed a mine and ran outside completely naked in the middle of a blizzard.

We only learned later through the hierarchy that she blew up an ennemy tank, as she spotted it before anyone else. Don't ask me how.

Oh, and for your safety, dont tell her that the USSR collapsed, she still believes that it didn't for whatever reasons. And if you do, well, prepare your teeth to say hello to her machine gun stock."

                                                        -Corporal Akishina when asked about the naked
                                        she-wolf wrestling with soldiers in the middle of the camp

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