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Abigail the Lumberjack

Abigail the Lumberjack

Age: 21
Place of birth: Ross River, Canada

Born in a small remote town of Canada from a lumberjack father and a farmer mother, the young Abigail got her hands in the mud even before she learned how to speak properly, eager to help those around her.
For having nothing but a life of labor ahead of her, she still loved her relatives more than the entire world.

Now reputed as a true jack of all trades, "big Abi" (as the townsfolk affectionately nicknamed her) is an extraordinarily social and capable community member.
Both strong of body and mind with a rugged personality, her thunderous horse laugh is also quite known to kick in once she is a few beers down after a day of hard work.

Having known modesty since her childhood, money and sophisticated things does not hold very much value to her eyes, as she will prefer some more down-to-earth payments for her services: offer her a six-pack or to stay around for a grill and that big pesky tree stump in your backyard is already as good as gone.

Come to pay her a visit by her remote cottage up the river and you will enjoy for sure the company of this bon vivant (if her bold sense of humour and loud beer-induced burps don't bother you).

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